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Ear Infections 

Testing and Treatments
Ear infections are a common problem in children, but they can also affect adults. They occur when fluid builds up in the middle ear and becomes infected. Symptoms of an ear infection include ear pain, fever, and fluid draining from the ear. Treatment usually involves antibiotics or other medications.


▸ Ear pain
▸ Fever
▸ Fluid draining from the ear
▸ Difficulty hearing
▸ Loss of balance
▸ Headache
▸ Nausea or vomiting

When to Call a Doctor:

▸ If symptoms last longer than 24 hours

▸ If symptoms worsen or do not improve with home treatment

▸ If there is severe pain or hearing loss

▸ If there is a fever higher than 102°F (38.9°C)


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