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I Think I have symtoms...

Not Sure Which Virus to test for?

This fall season, COVID-19, RSV and influenza are likely to spread quickly.

 These illnesses are likely to impact overall health for patients of all ages if not addressed carefully.

Prevention, treatment, and self-quarantine are the best ways to ensure that you reduce the risk of getting either illness and also reduce the risk of spreading it. The good news for patients is that The Urgent Care Center of Connecticut offers COVID-19 testing, flu prevention services, and even combination flu shots and COVID tests.

Our urgent care center are open every day of the year with doctors on site who can test babies, toddlers, children, and adults for different strains of the influenza virus.

Cold, flu, or COVID-19: Know the symptoms

Signs and symptoms*ColdFluCOVID-19
Symptom onsetGradualSuddenGradual
Muscle and body achesSlightCommonSometimes
Fatigue, weaknessSometimesCommonCommon
Fever over 100 degreesRareCommonCommon
Loss of taste or smellRareRareSometimes
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathingRareRareCommon
Runny or stuffy noseCommonCommonCommon
Sore throatCommonCommonCommon

*Chart does not include all possible symptoms. COVID-19 symptoms may change with new variants and depending on vaccination status.

Common symptoms of the flu can include:

▸ Fever
▸ Chills
▸ Cough
▸ Sore Throat
▸ Runny and/or Stuffy Nose
▸ Muscle and /or Body Aches
▸ Headache

With talk of a ‘tridemic’ of respiratory illnesses, it’s natural to worry if you wake up feeling sick. Learn about the symptoms to watch for

Our team is here to provide the best possible guidance to help you determine your care options for staying safe this season with COVID and Flu prevention services, testing, and follow up care:

Common Questions

Can I get tested for COVID-19 and flu at the same time?

Yes you can! In fact, The Urgent Care Center of Connecticut offers combination COVID-19 and flu testing so you can get tested for both diseases to determine the cause of your illness.
Call us today and our providers will offer COVID-19 testing and combo flu tests for any patient. Additionally, our providers can test for other illnesses such as strep throat to help determine the cause of your current illness.

If I have COVID-19 or the flu what should I do?

Patients that have COVID-19 or the flu may need to stay at home and monitor their symptoms during quarantine. At-home rest, drinking fluids, and reducing time outdoors can help control symptoms from getting worse and spreading possible flu and COVID viruses to others.

If you have the flu you may want to take a few days off. The CDC recommends quarantine for more than a week if you have a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Seasonal illnesses aren't going away anytime soon so it's best to speak with an urgent care provider ASAP to ensure that you can diagnose illnesses before they worsen.

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